I design human experiences.

I am Jeroen Keijser, and I tackle and solve the human problems people have using tech products

What I Do

As a User Experience Designer, I am passionate about great ideas and the creative process to create meaningful, engaging, productive and playful experiences. Technology and how it is integrated into our lives has the possibility to greatly enhance our lives, however, it always has a strong impact on people’s lives— positive or negative. User Experience Design, Interaction Design, and the broad area of HCI is for me about knowing when and when not to use technology , which technology is most appropriate, and how to effectively use the power and mitigate the drawbacks of a chosen technology to create human experiences.


Who I Am

I am a Canadian with Dutch roots. As as dual citizen I have had the opportunity to live and work in both North America and Europe. On my own time you might catch me dancing, baking, singing or having a good time with friends.


My Work

Whether the goal is to help build community, effectively manage day-to-day operations, express artistic fashion possibilities, or enhance the ability to conduct medical research; whether I am working with fashion designers, computer scientists, clinicians, engineers, artists, or biologists; whether the medium is the web, desktop, mobile, virtual reality, or fabric; my objective always is to design products and experiences that through effective interaction design enhance people’s lives in work and play.

Say Hello.

If you are interested in my work, have an exciting project to collaborate on, or need a user experience designer, contact me